What Would Make You Do It!

What Would Make You Do It!

What would make you charge into a barrage of bullets?  In the Revolutionary War, the majority of soldiers (on both sides) didn’t have much to personally gain from the war.  Sure, the soldiers on the British side received monetary benefit, and sometimes the American troops were paid as well.  For the most part, they did it for their honor, for their country, for their family (don’t know how they benefited), and for the excitement.  Imagine if you could motivate your employees to do the same (not to risk their lives) for you and your company.

The real point of this post is to ask yourself, why are you motivated?  What is it that makes you want to make the most money, have a family, seek adventure, etc.  What motivates you?  What would make you charge a barrage of bullets?  Why do you spend time doing what you do, and what motivates you to do it!

This post may not seem motivational, however, if you really ponder what we are putting forth, you may find more motivation than just reading a feel good statement!

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