What IS A Corporate Entrepreneurial Quotient

What IS A Corporate Entrepreneurial Quotient

Businesses today are implementing a variety of new technology and process improvements to make their organizations more nimble while empowering their employees to be more engaged.

Corporate entrepreneurial leaders gain strategic and tactical insight by developing strategies and tactics that bring ideas to reality while proactively managing change and exploiting opportunity. 

In complex and volatile environments, the escalating ineffectiveness of more traditional approaches to accessing your company’s corporate wisdom calls for a corporate entrepreneurial approach. An approach that will enhance the company’s performance, its capacity for adaptation, and its chances of long-term survival. 

A new type of assessment is needed which can operate in a highly unpredictable world where competition and markets are fast moving. A tool we are finding helpful is the Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment. This unique tool allows us to present the current state in a four quadrant graph, while giving us and our client to look at quantitative as well as quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs).

The following are just a few of the metrics that we choose from based on our clients requirements:

  • Measure quantitative and qualitative results
  • Ideas to implementation
  • Time to address issues and how they are communicated
  • Job descriptions and the human element
  • Conflict resolution process
  • Turnover  
  • Education
  • Human resources role and charter
  • Outsourcing
  • Quality control
  • ROI of your leadership methodologies (19 areas reviewed)
  • Time off
  • Leadership style
  • Management style
  • Risk acceptance
  • Rapid design to implementation
  • Voice of customer
  • Tech adaption
  • Employee benefits
  • Management vs hourly variance
  • Office culture
  • Technology utilization
  • “Fingerpointerosis”
  • Reach of Mission
  • Innovation
  • Level of mutual benefit/ collaboration/interconnectedness
  • Cost appreciation
  • Special programs – community sponsorships
  • Artificial Intelligence

We have used this assessment with application development projects, marketing rollouts, sales process and improvement, leadership effectiveness and much more.

The Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment allows us to measure how deep and wide the mission statement is adhered to as well as where the breaks in communication and buy in are.

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