Virtual Think Tank

Virtual Think Tank


Create an environment where business people can learn…share…collaborate in order to eliminate the challenges they face in the changing business environment.


We do this through facilitated discussions that encourage sharing knowledge, experiences, successes and failures to awaken an Entrepreneurial spirit that will change the way you do business! We utilize the latest technology to create a virtual think tank that will allow you to develop business relationships with other members while saving you time.


Enterprises have a strategic imperative to innovate, or risk disappearing. With distributed teams, travel costs increasing, digitizing of our processes, legacy systems, and the need to accommodate a workforce made up of traditionalists through millennial’s…our current culture will not allow most companies to achieve their growth initiatives.  

Through the Virtual Think Tank, you will work with employees from a department, region, or your whole organization in order to uncover the best ways to eliminate roadblocks, political bias, and sub-optimized achievements through collaboration, and knowledge sharing.  


Tapping into the practical wisdom of other leaders is achieved through facilitation by the experts at the Entrepreneurialway Consulting Group, LLC.  The Virtual Think Tank will compliment your existing efforts to achieve continuous improvements. It will assist in maximizing your technology ROI and efficiencies, as well as improving organizational structure and alignment.  

When you participate in the Virtual Think Tank, you will awaken yourself to new possibilities. Initiatives, whether routine or mission critical, departmental or cross-organizational, will be achieved on time and under budget.


  • Get more done in less time
  • Improve decision making
  • Eliminate complacency
  • Solve problems faster
  • Learn best practices from people who have lived it
  • Develop innovative ideas
  • Awaken the corporate entrepreneurial spirit within your company
  • Eliminate “Fingerpointerosis”
  • Remove roadblocks and achieve real and lasting change