Unbelievable Employee Retention -Reason 10

Unbelievable Employee Retention -Reason 10

This is an easy one, yet it’s one of the biggest and most costly challenges that businesses of all sizes face.  If you encourage an atmosphere of mutual benefit, why would anyone want to leave?  They will understand when times are tough, they’ll have to sacrifice, but they will also know that they will benefit when times are good!

Imagine your managers are not needed to drive and motivate your employees to work harder, smarter and profitably.  Imagine a time when you and your managers are there to help ensure that everyone is working together and to educate their team members on the value of mutual benefit.

Imagine your employees bring you ideas that will make the company more efficient, even if it means more work for them, because they understand that they’ll benefit from their additional efforts.  Imagine the employees that benefit from these recommendations appreciate the input from other employees and become cross-trained so that they can help others in time of heavy workload.

Imagine everyone that works for the company speaks highly of the company…the employees, the customers, and their vendors. You know that everyone wants to work for a company that is lead with mutual benefit. Word will get around, and you will find top quality people coming to you asking for a chance to work with your company.

Everyone wants to know that their efforts will be part of something bigger than themselves, yet they know they will benefit as well (no one is 100% altruistic, or we would be praying to them, not working with them).

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