The 3 IDEA Attributes of the S.M.A.R.T. Platform

The 3 IDEA Attributes of the S.M.A.R.T. Platform


The S.M.A.R.T. Platform was developed so companies will become better, help their leaders become better, run better projects, create better processes, and help every employee become better.  The S.M.A.R.T. Platform includes the three idea attributes wisdom, understanding and knowledge, while the five implementation attributes… Systemic, Measurable, Alignable, Relatable, Tailorable are the platform.  These five attributes are known as the “five learnable attributes of Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership,” for it’s through these five attributes that will bring amazing success to your leadership, project management, change management, technology rollouts and more.

Three Idea Attributes

Wisdom – is what a person or team has developed over time and through experience.  It has eluded corporations for decades as they have tried to harness it and make the person or team a utility instead of an invaluable asset.  It is the seminal and inner spark of an idea that comes from this innate wisdom of individual and collective consciousness.

This spark already includes within it, all the details and ramifications of the idea, but it is concentrated and obscured. This is analogous to a dot, in which the dimensions of length and breadth are not evident… all that is seen is the dot, although for the dot to exist, it must certainly contain length and breadth… the intuitive flash of illumination which is the beginning of an idea, or process improvement.

For instance, an employee or team may be striving to solve a problem then suddenly realizes in a flash of intuition that the problem can be solved along a particular line of reasoning. In this moment, they are not exactly sure how the problem will be solved, they only know that they have found a solution to the problem. 

At this stage, the solution in question is not yet clear or comprehensible logically or politically, since its details are still in potentia, emerging only at a later stage.  

Understanding – Thereafter, the attribute of understanding comes into play. Through contemplation, they crystallize and clarify the details of the solution which were obscured in Wisdom, until the whole construct of the idea, in all its length and breadth, becomes manifest.

For this reason, the function of understanding is described to understand or deduce one matter out of another, (i.e., that which was previously concentrated in the obscure intuitive flash of wisdom is now revealed and understood).  

When an individual or team taps into their corporate wisdom, they are able to take this concentrated idea from the potential into the actual.  That is, when we begin to understand the solution in more definable terms, and it evolves into a fully understandable concept. 

This is the point where the solution goes from a high-level discussion to a readily understood concept that can now be taken to all levels of the organization.  The multitude of details which make up the solution, along with all its ramifications are explored, from internal politics to financial impact and beyond.

Knowledge – After the solution is fully understood with all its details and ramifications, the team or leader must then immerse themselves in it, binding and unifying with it to the extent that they not only understand it, but are also willing to take responsibility and be accountable.

Only in this way, can others be positively affected by the solution. If the team or leaders understanding points to the mutual benefit of a particular solution, it will create a forward motion for it.  If the team or leaders understanding creates instead, the silo benefit, for a specific team or leader, then others will react with negative reaction and flee from it.

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