Team Building

Team Building


Create an environment where employees from all levels of your organization work in a creative and controlled environment to Learn…Share…Collaborate…SUCCEED.


Too many companies wrongly believe that team building is nothing more than allowing people to develop relationships and compete to win a prize.  There is much research to the contrary, however, this is how it has always been done, it’s easy, and there is no accountability for long term change.

ECG’s facilitated team building activities encourage the sharing of knowledge, experiences, successes, and failures that will awaken a Corporate Entrepreneurial spirit that will change the way you do business!  The activities are not traditional team building activities.  Our team building takes place in a conference room or larger venue where we create teams from various departments that will solve real problems, create real process improvements, and make real change in your culture.  We make it fun, we make it interesting, we make it relevant to your company and the employees.

Enterprises have a strategic imperative to innovate, or risk disappearing.    With distributed teams, travel costs increasing, digitizing of our processes, legacy systems, and the need to accommodate a workforce made up of traditionalists through millennials… team building must create lasting change that supports a company’s requirement to achieve stated initiatives.

Our unique approach… is based on the S.M.A.R.T. framework.  We incorporate fun, while utilizing a variety of proven tools to help achieve real goals, such as: achieving your strategic imperative to innovate, improve efficiency, gain market-share, increase profit, attract/retain talent, and more. Entrepreneurialway Consulting Group’s (ECG) team building approach will produce measurable, quantifiable results.

ECG’s team building approach is effective in small groups or with large events.  By using our facilitated approach, concepts such as Mind Mapping,Rapid Thought Switching (RTS), Thought Leadership Pods, Competitive Obsession , Interconnectedness, Mightiness, Mutual Benefit, Democratizing Ideas and Fingerpointerosis are incorporated into team events that are FUN AND CREATE LASTING CHANGE. 


When you begin using ECG’s Team Building, your employees will be awakened to new possibilities and initiatives, whether routine or mission critical, departmental or cross-organizational.


  • Create “Mightiness” to shorten the time from “idea” to “action”
  • Improve decision making
  • Eliminate complacency
  • Solve problems faster
  • Learn best practices from successes and failures
  • Identify…Develop…Implement innovative ideas
  • Awaken the corporate entrepreneurial spirit within
  • Eliminate roadblocks to real and lasting change
  • Get more done in less time
  • Eliminate “Fingerpointerosis” through collaboration and understanding “interconnectedness”
  • Remove roadblocks and realize lasting change


ECG’s Team Building will compliment your existing business process re-engineering methodology and change management processes.  It will assist in maximizing your technology ROI and efficiencies, as well as improving organizational structure and alignment.

Collaboration will be the flag that employees will raise as they eliminate silos, implement a mutual benefit culture, and tie the many independent systems that have arisen over the past two decades into a complex machine that produces simple results…more profits and happier employees.

Pre-event planning– We invest time prior to the event to understand your goals and success metrics for the team building event.  This allows us to create a customized experience that will exceed your expectations.

Post-event analysis– Our facilitator will produce a detailed findings and recommendations.  These findings will be included in a post-event finding document, as well as during a 1-hour (video) post event discussion with your identified management team.


Based upon three decades of participating in, as well as running team building events from attending sporting events to adult “big wheel” races, one thing became apparent…the value was short lived. 

These experiences, and 30 years of research and analysis of how corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises succeed, lead ECG to develop a Corporate Entrepreneurial Team Building concept built on the S.M.A.R.T. framework.  We then wrapped the whole concept in a mutual benefit philosophy to change the “Team Building” paradigm.

Whether you want your team building to produce innovation or process improvement around projects that are routine or mission critical, and/or cross organizational such as: Enterprise Technology Roll-out, Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Strategy Synthesis, Organizational Design & Alignment, Customer Advisory Board Engagement, Enterprise Risk Management, Sales Processes and Training, etc.), ECG’s “Corporate Entrepreneurial” Team building delivers the results you’ve been looking for.