Tap Into Your Corporate Wisdom

Tap Into Your Corporate Wisdom

When Implementing Technology & Process Change

by Marc Gilenson

The success of any technology implementation and/or process change, requires a company to capture the knowledge of technology and independent vulnerabilities or challenges that your employees already know.  This knowledge brings awareness of where new technology implementations failed to produce the expected results and why. Tapping into your company’s Corporate Wisdom is captured using proven techniques such as Thought Leadership Pods, Think Tanks, Delphi Research Methodology and more.

The Analysis

The analysis of Corporate Wisdom data looks at all the data, quantitative, qualitative and experiential searching for areas where design errors would negatively influence the effectiveness of the technology and process changes. This analysis includes the cooperation and participation of all levels of an organization, in order to identify multiple scenarios of the effects of the change. 

Use Scenerios

Once identified, solidify key scenarios to anchor participants in the details of coordination, communication, decision making and knowledge exchange necessary to handle the situation successfully.

This use of scenarios or experiential wisdom is helpful in uncovering where changes may be vulnerable or how it may break down, thus inviting employees and developers alike to incorporate a mutual benefit philosophy when establishing requirements for effective implementation and adaption.

Invert The Process

This process inverts traditional thinking and puts the focus on how the employees work and use the system to achieve the goals of the corporation, instead of designing a system, and then expecting the employees to deal with any situational demands.

Tapping into your company’s Corporate Wisdom is needed, because human factors and mutual benefit must be used to identify technological complexities and their consequences early in the change process. In this way, system development will be guided towards a more effective, profitable and relatable event that will produce amazing results!

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