Share Your Passion

Share Your Passion

It’s amazing that many people that are very passionate about their business, department or project, don’t share that passion. I don’t know when having passion for your work became something that you are supposed to temper.

Why is it that we have become a society where passion is looked at as a personality flaw? Don’t get me wrong, most managers will say having passion is good, yet they only want you to have that passion when it suits their sub-optimized P&L.

With today’s fear that every job will be replaced by AI, the one differentiation will always be the ability for our leaders to inspire passion among our employees.

Corporate entrepreneurial leaders understand that it is their job to foster this passion.  If done properly, this passion is not containable; it must be discussed, presented, dreamed about, and of course, put into action. Don’t ever lose or contain your passion!

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