Restoring your team, department, company to that “perfect state”

Restoring your team, department, company to that “perfect state”

Every business at one time or another has experienced a perfect state of existence. Entrepreneurial start-ups experience a perfect state when they start their business. Mid-sized companies experienced that perfect state when they first streamlined their processes to increase productivity. Corporate America experiences the perfect state when they are able to reinvent themselves without laying off thousands of people.

Loss Of The Corporate Entrepreneurial Spirit

During the course of any given business life cycle, they develop layers of management, processes, and customer service that block out partially or completely, the entrepreneurial spirit that once existed during that perfect state.

When Management Has Too Much To Lose

With many departments, these blockages can be as simple as the executives or managers personal cost of living increasing (too many boats, cars, houses and vacations) to a point that they can no longer be creative, take chances, or pay people what they deserve. It happens when the middle or senior managers that are afraid to lose what they have, so they are no longer willing to do what it takes to restore a company to the perfect state!

Everything Will Decay…Law Of Nature

One of the laws of thermal dynamics is that everything will decay! This decay in business manifests itself as disorder, bloating, and separation from their employees and customers.

Look Out For These Warning Signs

If you see signs of disorder:

  1. Lack of creativity – your employees have become complacent and have little desire to challenge the norm
  2. Sub-optimized goals – each department, and most people are only looking for ways to benefit themselves
  3. Bloating – when your senior managers and executives have less direct reports than your line managers.

Here’s How To Stop The Decay

Then you need to restore the perfect state in your company, and here’s how:

  1. Implement a Mutual Benefit culture by creating goals and benchmarks that require each individual’s success to be dependent on the whole team, department or company
  2. Measure and document your current processes while having your employees develop ways to meet your goals and benchmarks
  3. Instill Wakefulness by communicating your direction and make sure it reaches all levels
  4. Create Mightiness by helping your employees live more meaningful lives in their community and at home
  5. Create an environment that rewards sharing Corporate Wisdom
  6. Make sure everyone knows how their actions affect the whole. Let them understand how they are all Interconnected
  7. Allow for flexibility above the base structure

  • Yes many businesses become complacent. It is up to the management to see there is a good atmosphere among their employees. Contests, after work games,picknicks and in store promotions. Also I learned it never hurts to pay one on the shoulder saying what a good job he or she is doing.

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