Remove Bottlenecks – Reason 17

Remove Bottlenecks – Reason 17

Improved information and  data flow will remove the many bottlenecks that your employees know how to fix..  When people want others to do well, you will be amazed at the amount of information that will flow instead of being stored away in desk drawers or inside employee’s heads.  Best practices, knowledge, and potential pitfalls will be communicated regularly.

Information silos and sub-optimized processes cost most businesses 10 – 20% in lost profit margin.  When your employees are only concerned about their department or themselves, you and your company lose profit. Companies spend much of their profits on trying to find better ways of running and marketing their business while most times their employees have the answers.

It is amazing how many times business owner and managers don’t listen to their employees and will spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars hiring consultants that tell them exactly what their employees have been saying for years!  If you implement corporate entrepreneurial tools such as; Thought Leadership Pods; Virtual Think Tanks; and the use of the new type of consulting firm.

What business owners and managers call conflict is usually good intentions that are misinterpreted by management.

If you implement a mutual benefit leadership philosophy base on the S.M.A.R.T. Platform – you will find that your employees will open a dialogue with other departments and find ways to share data and best practices that remove bottlenecks.

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