Purpose of daily routine

Purpose of daily routine

The purpose of your daily routine is to give great minds the opportunity to discuss ideas, to give average minds the ability to discuss tasks, sports and politics, and small minds the ability to complain.

Marc Gilenson

As Corporate Entrepreneurs, it is critical to free our minds from being cluttered with the thought of daily activities such as responding to e-mail, getting out the next marketing piece, sales metrics, accounts receivables, etc.

While these are all very important tasks, they should be identified, documented and completed, but not thought about beyond what is required. For more details on how to do this, click here for our blog post on Time Management or Listen to our podcast on time management.

Corporate Entrepreneurs make sure there is a time management system in place that allows us to take care of these tasks, yet not stifle our ability to ponder and discuss innovative ideas. We must decide which of these innovative ideas will be put into action, which will require more thought, and which ones we can stop thinking about altogether!

Go to the Videos page Videos – Entrepreneurialway Consulting Group , LLC and watch the short video on eliminating mind clutter for more help with your daily routine.

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