Medical Billing

Medical Billing

A Great Culture Done Wrong

A regional medical billing company developed SAAS EMR technology and had funding to go from a regional player to a national enterprise. The management team was made up of former big four consultants, doctors, and a former CEO of a billion-dollar company. They were emulating Google and other technology giants with collaborative work environments, on-site day care, on-site gym and even malted machines alongside the cappuccino machines.

Everything was great until they found that what they were offering their clients was not happening…reduced days outstanding and less denials. The ROI was not happening for their clients.  What followed, was a return to what they knew worked… stack rankings, micromanagement, and rules and policies to force compliance.

Saved The Culture & Exceeded Client Expectations

We conducted a S.M.A.R.T. Entrepreneurial Assessment and identified the areas that needed help. Once done, we put together an implementation plan that included:

Coaching – we worked with the executives and management on S.M.A.R.T. Entrepreneurial Leadership strategies and tactics that included a balance between fun at work, and achieving goals. It turned out that even with their fun at work attitude, old demons such as ego, jealousy, and competition were just below the surface causing lack of effectiveness.

Knowledge Management – working with hundreds of medical providers and facilities meant much of the needed information for achieving our client’s goals were in a small number of individuals, causing re-work and lost productivity. We designed processes for capturing and accessing this Practical Wisdom by integrating incentives with technology enhancements.

Mutual Benefit– once the employees understood that what they do or don’t do affects their coworkers, company, clients and themselves, it was a matter of time before the organization began to work in an efficient and effective manner. Of course they could still have fun at work… there was now a base structure that allowed for fun and productivity at all levels.  They exceeded their goals of reduced days outstanding and timed out denials.

They realized that anything is possible with S.M.A.R.T. Entrepreneurial Leadership and a culture of Mutual Benefit.