Major Logistics Company

Major Logistics Company

What Wasn’t Working

In an industry that was experiencing change with massive disruption, one of the best ways to increase their client base was through acquisition. While there were benefits to the economy of scale, the downside was cultural collapse.

You now had employees from large regional players having to work within a corporate structure. Not only were geographical cultures different, but work/life balance had totally different meanings, metrics were not the same and the attitude towards innovation couldn’t be more diverse.

They tried bringing in consultants from large firms and thought that by integrating their technology infrastructure it would help… nothing seemed to work.

What Worked

An extensive S.M.A.R.T.Entrepreneurial Assessment was conducted after which it quickly became apparent that their mission statement and desired culture was not penetrating throughout their organization.

Their goal was to create an innovative, efficient, and profitable company through the sharing of best practices and profits. They wanted a work/life balance for all employees, not just management.  They immediately stopped spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on leadership meetings that had their people walk on hot coals or participate in useless games that were supposed to create leaders.

They implemented a S.M.A.R.T. Entrepreneurial Leadership plan that involved communication to every level, promoting quick failures and small wins. The key to their success was the implementation of customized Internal Thought Leadership Pods that ensured senior management would know that their message was getting to their total workforce.