International Manufacturer

International Manufacturer

Old processes made worse with legacy technology hurting customer satisfaction

The Problem

A large corporation that continued to patch holes in their technology with manual process changes. The departments involved are contracts, sales, data management and logistics.

They tried committees from all the various departments as well as bringing in highly paid consulting firms. They decided to replace their old ERP system and are spending millions, only to find the problem will still not be fixed.

After implementing the Thought Leadership Pods with collaboration technology based on the S.M.A.R.T. platform and utilizing the Delphi methodology, we identified technology and minor process improvements that have solved the problem.

The Solution

After assessing the technology and the culture, we quickly realized that the employees know the answer. Politics, sub-optimized profit & loss, and “Fingerpointerosis” were stopping the management from listening to the solutions their employees were suggesting. We utilized the Thought Leadership Pods and collaboration technology to include distant locations. The solution had a hard dollar ROI of less than six months, and included soft benefits such as happier customers, employees and reduced billing errors.

“The answer was right there all the time, we just had to know how and where to look for the answers”…. Corporate Wisdom.