Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment

Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment

Entrepreneurialway Consulting Group (ECG) has used our 32 years of experience to develop the Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment, a customized blend of qualitative, as well as quantitative knowledge points. We realized that current assessments are primarily quantitative, leading to kpi’s, goals and objectives that may not be optimal for the organization.

There are more than 100 quantitative and qualitative events and data points we have identified for our EA assessment. The size and scope of the project will determine how many and which data points and events we will utilize.

The future of business demands us to rethink our goals, processes, systems, policies, and views of the end-state! We need a new approach that is based on collaboration and mutual benefit, where we are all guarantors of each other’s well-being. The successful business of the future will have everyone, from the CEO to the part-time clerk resolve problems through deliberation, consideration and mutual guarantee. When a majority of people within the organization stop pointing fingers at who is at fault, and understand that our interconnectedness is such that we do better when others do better as well. We need to create wakefulness in our organizations, so we have to find ways to help and look at ourselves to see how we can be better as well.

The real challenge today is to change our way of thinking; not just our goals, processes, systems, policies, and view of the end-state. We need the imagination to grasp the immense promise and challenge of the interconnected organization we have created. The future lies with more cooperation, more interaction between people, departments, company, customer, vendor and company mission, and even greater sharing of responsibilities and interests. It is unity in diverse personal and business needs that we need today.

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