Mutual Benefit…Is It Possible In Corporate America

Mutual Benefit…Is It Possible In Corporate America

I was thinking about the way I wanted to start the first post for this blog.  At first I thought about detailing what mutual benefit means in a philosophical way.  Then I thought about profiling a company that is benefiting from this concept.  Another thought was to discuss an agenda for the blog.  Finally, it came down to asking a question.

Is it possible for a country that is built on immigrants that left their country to come to the U.S. for an opportunity, to have unlimited success to also promote Mutual Benefit?  The answer is not clear at this time.  During a recent trip, I spoke to a couple of people that came to the United States within the last 15 years, and our conversation quickly turned from how great America is to how we are heading to the terrors of socialism.  They all saw the Obama healthcare plan as the first step in socializing America, not just healthcare, but our whole country.  The next phrase they all had in common was that the Obama plan is re-distributing wealth and that will lead to communism.

Let me tell you about the people I spoke with.  Each of them, after some conversation told me how their families were the elite, and when the government changed, their family lost their riches.  These people are all now working in corporate America in various positions.  They still appear to have their entitlement attitude with everything from healthcare to education.  It was very disheartening to hear these educated people, who have all benefited from the openess and sharing ways of this country, to act like they are still entitled to have more than others that they deem unfit.

This led me to think about mutual benefit and ask myself if our culture is advanced enough to handle the concept of mutual benefit in the business world?  I thought for many hours and came to the conclusion that YES, THERE ARE MANY BUSINESS PEOPLE THAT UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF HELPING OTHERS AND THE BENEFITS THEY GET AS AN INDIVIDUAL FROM MUTUAL BENEFIT.

I look forward to detailing the concept of mutual benefit, highlighting companies that profit from mutual benefit, and discussing how you can implement mutual benefit in your company!

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