Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Over the last two decades, the term “coaching” has been utilized for everything from helping people live a better life to helping small business people start and run their business.”one on one” training that is most often associated with coaching. We combined two key skill sets that organizations in America invest millions of dollars in each year… training and learning.

As with every service we offer, it begins with our Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment. We have found that many times the improvement or innovation we are helping to achieve is affected by other people, departments or technology. We incorporate system theory into our assessments to identify, understand and incorporate these linkages into our learning environment.

Learning Environment

Our approach is to work with individuals or departments on specific improvements by creating a learning environment. One of the most innovative aspects of our coaching approach is the transfer of knowledge that comes with the sharing of best practices, and the understanding of the techniques we use.

We do not offer training, we utilize our unique coaching methodology to achieve superior results by creating a S.M.A.R.T. learning environment. Whether it is sales or operations, most companies have training programs; what you don’t need is another one. Our coaching is designed to help your organization understand the value of time invested in training, and how taking responsibility for learning and sharpening old skills will help your employees and the company.

Coaching is learning based, and our approach will depend on the person or department we are working with. Much, but not all of the coaching is done virtual through video conference or conference calls. There are many variables, and therefore, coaching is based on an hourly basis.  Our most popular coaching engagements:

  • Responding and input around a specific situation
  • Offering a second opinion on a potential future decision
  • Reviewing process improvements
  • Debriefing on a specific sales call or meeting
  • Best practice sharing