Step 4 – Implementing Changes Within A Mutual Benefit Environment

Step 4 – Implementing Changes Within A Mutual Benefit Environment

It takes lots of effort to implement a mutual benefit philosophy within your organization.  If you got this far, it means that you found at least four or five reasons (of the 19 presented) that make financial sense to you.  So far you have:

  • enhanced your company vision (Step One)
  • used the Entrepreneurial Principle to apply the vision to every individual (Step Two)
  • reviewed your business processes for variations and deviations (Step Three)

and now you are ready for implementing the changes that you uncovered. (Step Four).

This is a really hard part because now it goes from thought and speech, into action.  This is the step that changes your company or department from a typical bureaucracy into an entrepreneurial organization.  Over the next few weeks we will be discussing how the implementation transforms you and your organization.

When new actions or processes are introduced by employees we will call, entrepreneurial leaders, a distinctive change is evident, and therefore the defining characteristic of an entrepreneur is found in many of your employees; the doing of new things, or they do things that are already being done in a new way.

When implementing changes discovered during this process it will also become evident that entrepreneurs are not specific people, the entrepreneur is but a function.  If you look closely they come from all departments, all levels, and all income levels. Their entrepreneurial activities may help them achieve personal advancement and financial gain within the company as a result of success, but they do not originate there. Mutual benefit creates entrepreneurs that are conceived as egalitarian in source.

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