Holiday Spirit…All Year!

Holiday Spirit…All Year!

Only YOU can carry the holiday spirit into the coming year!

by Marc Gilenson
“The holiday spirit involves employees at all levels communicating, negotiating, and taking action in a way where all employees at every level want to help each other (Mutual Benefit). “There is a strong desire at this time of year to show this support for others, that seems to fade after the new year.” -Marc Gilenson

An Employee That is Appreciated
A concept is emerging and being embraced… the employee that is appreciated, can become mighty enough to create and identify innovative ideas, and understands that the risks can change the company. While the employee, on the one hand, is responsible to the company for established productivity, they are unafraid to bring up the opportunities around them.
Managements Misconception

Mistakenly, it is the thought that the success of the company depends on the hierarchical level of the leader…only management makes the company profitable.
While line employees are often characterized as being more task focused, it is wrongly presumed that individuals at higher levels of an organization are more able to create the corporate culture.

Senior Managements Role
Companies should not look for the leaders alone to create the culture, it is the role of these executives to bring out and identify the mutual benefit culture that already exists within its employees, and create corporate entrepreneurial leaders at every level!
A corporate entrepreneurial leader (at any level) energizes those around them by providing an exciting, mutually beneficial focused vision rather than stressing potential rewards and punishments alone.

Walk the Walk
By embracing and living in a mutually beneficial way (the holiday spirit), employees at every level demonstrate their own wakefulness to realize:

  • the needs of those around them.
  • how their speech and actions affect how others feel.
  • their ability to create mightiness in those around them.

It Is Contagious
Empirical data shows that a single employee at any level, speaking and performing in a mutually beneficial manner will increase the ability of other employees to behave in a similar manner.
This will create greater profit margins, increase revenue, reduce turnover, and streamline business processes.

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