Find Light In Your Darkest Moments

Find Light In Your Darkest Moments

We have all heard about how you have to fail before you can find your success. This is only a true statement if we find light in our darkest moments. Failing in business, at the moment appears to be the darkest moments in the corporate experience.

Corporate entrepreneurs understand, it is not! Failing at a product launch may be tough, having to close locations you thought were going to do great is embarrassing, having to tell your employees they no longer have a job is gut wrenching. But, are they the darkest moments? Not to us who are corporate entrepreneurs.

The darkest moments are when you begin to doubt yourself. The darkest moments are when you are not learning from this experience and journey. The darkest moments are when you feel that you have wasted your time and energy. When you look back and ask yourself if you and your family would have better off if you just kept the status quo.

How can you find light in all this darkness? It is not easy, yet it is very achievable. You must acknowledge that the darkness exists. Then you must find just a little light that you can focus on. It’s amazing how just a little light can brighten up a dark room. Once you see this little bit of light, you must push away the darkness and focus on how you can use what is around you achieve your goals.

Focus on how you can utilize a mutual benefit philosophy to help you incorporate the resources you have available. Make sure your efforts incorporate the corporate wisdom you have access to.

As you do this you will begin to feed the light and the darkness will begin to disappear. Then you can begin to find your way back on the journey. It may not be the same road, however it is still on the journey. It is true, it is always darkest before the light shines!

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