Fear Less

Fear Less

It is worth mentioning again because it is one of the most important attributes of successful corporate entreprenuerial leaders.  In all departments and levels within your business, it is important that you create a feeling of “mightiness” so that everyone will face fears head on and be able to decide that they can create their own success while enhancing the success of the company.

Mightiness allows employees to acknowledge failure is possible, and if they fail, they will transform that experience into a learning opportunity and move forward.

Corporate entrepreneurial leaders work with their teams and co-workers to transform your fear into motivation and action to move forward.

Fear causes complacency, lack of innovation, re-work, and an unhappy workforce.

So instill mightiness and help your employees, teams and co-workers, fear less and watch innovation flourish, productivity grow exponentially, and create a work environment that keeps and attracts the best talent.

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