Farewell To Conflict

Farewell To Conflict

I know many leaders that are stubborn, shut off to hearing new thoughts, dislike new ideas, ego driven, etc. The same leaders are usually the most stressed. Many of them even wear the stress as a badge of courage and strength.

How unfortunate for them… they are so determined to have things their way and grab all the attention that they lose all credibility as a leader. Corporate entrepreneurial leaders understand how use S.M.A.R.T. platform and create a culture of mutual benefit and therefore get people to do more than they ask.

Say goodbye to conflict by following these conflict management affirmations:

+ I will focus on understanding what people who disagree with me really are looking to achieve

+ I will work hard on being tolerant and open (truly open) to new ideas.

+I will be more aware of what I have in common with the people I am in conflict with

+ I will understand that we all have our own wants, needs, and desires

+ I will strive to separate the personal from the issue when conflict arises (and it will arise).

+ I will adjust my thinking to incorporate what others are saying and communicating, in order to grow and be a better participant, leader, visionary

+ I must remind myself that peaceful, effective solutions are possible, and that I must be the catalyst if necessary

Don’t think for a moment that you can live your life or run your business without any conflict. It means you have to be able to control your conflict, and either dispel it or make it work for you. So the next time you find yourself in a conflict, say the affirmations above, and then re-think how you would want to handle the conflict.

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