Expose Linkage Between Processes – Reason 18

Expose Linkage Between Processes – Reason 18

When you synchronize all the processes in your company.  Analyse what you get from the improved flow of information and data will bring to light.  You will recognize the ways that one process affects another.  This will lead to more efficiency, and a greater understanding of how what we do can benefit others, and what they do will affect us.

There are many process improvement experts that will come in and streamline a process or set of processes, however only a few will look beyond the initial request by the client and identify linkage between what seems like non-linked processes.  This linkage may be in procurement, human resources or between local and corporate budgets.

Lets look at a linkage that most companies ignore.  When a company is looking to see how efficient their enterprise resource planning (ERP) investment is working, they very rarely look at the amount that their employees are printing.  Most ERP systems are implemented based on process improvements around digital workflows vs circulating paper and files.   If a company looks at who is printing what, they will quickly identify which of the their employees are taking advantage of the capabilities of the new system.  I have found that many companies are surprised how many employees print more after the installation of new software.  My research has shown that this happens when employees are either not well trained, don’t trust the new system, or are not comfortable using digital documents.   This will eliminate the Silo effect in most companies today.

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