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Cost: $1499.00

Proven techniques to eliminate mind clutter!

Learn How to use mind mapping and other proven techniques to ELIMINATE MIND CLUTTER

Have you spent time and money attempting to find better ways to eliminate mind clutter?  You are not alone. People spend billions annually on events, meeting, workshops and travel to to try to find a way to eliminate mind clutter. Attend this 1 hr webinar and learn how to use proven techniques to capture ideas, increase innovation, do things better and with LESS STRESS

You will learn to utilize Mind Mapping integrated with the S.M.A.R.T. Platform so that you can start achieving measurable results within 48 hours of attending this webinar.

  • How to make brainstorming a productive and exciting happening
  • Reducing the cost of travel to live events
  • Learn to utilize your ability to “RAPID THOUGHT SWITCH”
  • Creating a live of innovation…profit…excitement

$1499 includes the webinar… and a clutter free mind!

Learn how to turn reduce the burden of always thinking of what you have to do

You will realize that you don’t have to change your life…just your way of looking at Stuff

Have happier days and nights without constantly thinking you forgot to do something

Watch your mind fill with possibilities as you free  your mind to wonder and not stress

2  hours will change your view of brainstorming
  • Collaboration and the Connected mind
  • How to do, S.M.A.R.T. planning
  • What makes  you more efficient
  • How to use  mind maps to capture you thoughts & wisdom
  • Going from thought to speech to actionable tasks
  • Utilize mind mapping increase innovation
  • Make an unclutter mind the new normal

Who Should Attend:

  • Everyone…but here are a few suggestions
  • Senior or mid-level managers in companies with over 300 employees
  • Non-Profit management and board members
  • Superintendents and senior management in Education
  • Administration Management of Healthcare facilities
  • Sales & Marketing executives
  • Service & Operations managers
  • Technology management
  • Human Resource executives

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