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Samurai Selling

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August 13th


Experience a webinar designed for salespeople that have been trained in selling techniques & tactics and want to take their capabilities to the next level.

When you apply what you will learn in this webinar to your everyday sales process and tools (weapons) you have available, it will change your life.
It is like the weapons of the Samurai, anyone can pick them up and use them, however, it is the Samurai’s strategic and philosophical approach to the use of their weapons that makes them both so feared.
Old Methods Have Changed
Corporate entrepreneurial sales professionals understand that old methods must be modified or replaced with something new. By embracing a mutual benefit culture acknowledging the negative effects of competitive obsession, they are changing the way sales are made.
The corporate entrepreneurial sales professional abandons sub-optimized thinking and needless re-work, while some even gave up selfish thinking altogether.
Join this webinar and learn best practices from some of the countries top sales professionals.
The Corporate Entrepreneurial
Sales Professional
By Attending this Webinar, you will:
  • Close more deals
  • Sell at a higher margin
  • Eliminate competitors
  • Build an amazing pipeline
  • Never fear losing a deal
If you don’t make at least 5 times your investment in six months, you will get a complimentary coaching session with Marc Gilenson…a $150 value.

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