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Creating Sales Superstars

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Go From Salesperson To


For over 25 years, we have trained salespeople in

  • Fortune 100 companies
  • National Home Builders
  • Regional & International manufacturers
  • Cruise lines
  • Top consulting firms
  • Technology Companies & hundreds of entrepreneurial companies

We recently completed a study of over 100 top corporate salespeople and their specific success traits.  We uncovered that these traits are also found in successful entrepreneurs.  That is what led us to develop our “Corporate Entrepreneurial Sales System”.  A unique Sales System that works as overlay to your current training program.  Together we will turn your salespeople into Corporate Entrepreneurial Sales Superstars!

What is a Corporate Entrepreneurial Sales Superstar?

It’s someone that incorporates the drive, motivation, creativity of an entrepreneur and knows the company must make a profit!  Like entrepreneurs they know that their success is a team effort.


The Corporate Entrepreneurial Sales System will help your salespeople:

  • Be self-motivated, self-reliant, and self-managed
  • Sell with more profit
  • Manage time better
  • Sell more value

And more importantly…they will understand how their actions affect everyone in the company.

ECG’s Corporate Entrepreneurial Selling System works with any current sales system.  From Tom Hopkins to Miller Heiman, our approach will maximize your teams sales effectiveness.  Over the past 5 years, we have been hired to look at the current sales process of an interna tional manufacturers, medical device distributors, and worldwide technology companies.  This led to the development ECG study of large sales organizations.  What we discovered, led to the development of the Corporate Entrepreneurial Selling system.

Of course, these companies (our clients), and the companies surveyed, did not want to just throw away their current sales process…that ranged from Home Grown, Sandler, Hopkins, Miller Heiman and many others.  The goal is to change in a way that would not cause loss of revenue, employee turnover, or resistance.

 This seemed like an impossible task, until I was on a “Thought Leadership” panel.  As I brainstormed with amazing entrepreneurs, it became way too clear…corporate salespeople needed to think, speak, and act like entrepreneurs!  The main difference is that corporate salespeople do not want to start their own business…they just want to make money:

Unfortunately, traditional selling skills and comp plans have NOT been modified in decades to:

  • Help reps become great storytellers…with a purpose.Make them good corporate citizens
  • Make them good corporate citizens
  • Understand the value of customer retention
  • Know the value of net NEW BUSINESS beyond their commission
  • Appreciate the support & use the tools you provide
  • Manage their time so they have more of it

Call us to schedule a complementary training at your next sales meeting and experience how we will transform your teams from corporate salespeople, to corporate entrepreneurial sales superstars Let’s turn the 80/20

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