Eliminate Re-Work – Reason 12

Eliminate Re-Work – Reason 12

As a consultant for more than 30 years, it has become obvious that the biggest waste of time, money and resources is “re-work.”  Re-work is any activity that requires someone to do something that they have already accomplished.  Why would anyone want to do something twice if they could have accomplished it the first time?  It’s usually due to a lack of understanding of the concept of mutual benefit.

It’s amazing how many times we have discussed this with clients, showed them with a variety of graphs and flow charts, that re-work is costing them bottom line profits.  What’s disturbing is when we find companies, more specifically, management or owners that aren’t even aware that it’s happening.  What’s even more disturbing, is how many times they acknowledge that it’s happening, yet they don’t want to make the investment in dollars or resources to make the needed change.

Re-work happens in all departments in your company, no matter how big or small.  It happens because:

  • someone is trying to cut corners to make their departments P&L (profit/loss) better
  • they are trying to win a contest
  • an individual wants to make your companies Presidents Club (personal recognition)
  • it is easier to do less and let others worry about it later
  • customers expectations were not met
  • the vendors you use are based upon price only
  • your employees don’t feel (probably true if perceived) they are paid enough
  • you or your management team want to maximize your bonus
  • training is not sufficient
  • there is not an understanding of how what one does affects the “whole picture”
  • there is a “me” management style not a “mutual benefit” leadership culture

The list above represents only a small percentage of reasons why re-work happens.  The only way to eliminate re-work, is through the implementation of a mutual benefit leadership philosophy, and then to use training, observation and data to ensure it has become your culture.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the bottom line savings, the positive attitudes of your workforce, and the sense of accomplishment you and your company will experience once you go down the path of eliminating re-work.

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