Don’t Fear The Unknown

Don’t Fear The Unknown

Studies have shown that the reason why people don’t offer make process improvement recommendations is the fear of the unknown.  There is fear that your ideas won’t work. That people will think you’re crazy. Fear that your reputation will be damaged. Worst fear of all is that you don’t have what it takes to make the recommendation!


Mightiness is knowing that we are not the master of everything. We do have the ability and power to make things happen. It is being strong and having the know-how and the right to make suggestions and look to make things better for ourselves, our departments, our company and all the employees that we work with.

Even if your suggestions are not accepted, you keep on making suggestions because you know it is the right thing to do. Being mighty is also, knowing that just because your suggestions were not implemented, you still have to obligation to continue making suggestions.

Fear nothing…appreciate everything… and know that what you need you already have.

Marc Gilenson, author of “the Entrepreneurialway”

It Works…But It Is Not Always Welcome!

Our research at Entrepreneurialway Consulting Group (ECG) has shown that when leaders (whether from management or the line staff) feel mighty, companies have implemented change quicker and are more successful.

  • 75% of management stated that when they have the ability to implement process improvement (succeed or fail) they are more successful
  • 89% of line and staff employees feel that even if their jobs are repetitive and only a piece of the process, however, they have identified ways to improve what they and others do.
    • only 30% of these employees felt their management would do anything that was not the managers idea
  • 62% of employees said they stopped making suggestions because either their co-workers or their managers have made them feel uncomfortable when making suggestions

If You Create The Culture It Will Grow

Entanglement is term used in science to represent one of the strangest aspect of quantum physics. If you observe a particle in one place, another particle-even one light years away-will instantly change its properties. It is as if the two are connected by a mysterious communication channel.

Corporate entrepreneurs know that this is true in the business universe as well. When a leader (management or line/staff) acts in a certain way, other employees will do the same. Therefore, make sure your speech and actions create a mighty culture where fear of the unknown is non-existent. Where recommendations are acknowledged and when possible implemented. Remember to reward success and learn from failure. Create a culture of mightiness and remove the fear of the unknown.

We increase innovation, efficiency, profit, revenue and create leaders at all levels through the culture we create

ECG, creators of the S.M.A.R.T. platform

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