Dealing With Adversity

Dealing With Adversity

Adversity is any situation that may cause misfortune, calamity, or a negative consequence.

Types Of Adversity

In business there are many types of adversity. The following is a short list:

  • Managers that do not like you for one reason or another
  • Co-workers that are jealous of your ideas or success
  • Travel requirements that cause an issue in your home life
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Overcoming something you did that has you labeled in a negative way
  • Implementing an application or program that fails

7 Steps To Deal With Adversity

We all face adversity everyday in our business life and everyone has a different way of dealing with it, as well as every situation being just a little different. We have observed hundreds of executives and managers over the years, which lead us to identify 7 steps that are used most often by corporate entrepreneurs to overcome adversity:

  1. Acknowledge it – that’s right, you need to admit there is a problem
  2. Accept it – you know the situation may be terrible, just accept that it is happening
  3. Understand that it is NOT insurmountable – there are very few situations that cannot either be solved or dealt with
  4. Develop a course of action – decide what you are going to do about it and take the action required
  5. Accept the consequences – once you have identified the consequences and know that you can deal with them, you will no longer feel stressed
  6. Overcome it or deal with it – this will allow you to get on with your day and your life
  7. Remember, 100 years from now… no one (including you) will care!

Adversity & Obstacles Are Not The Same

Many people mistake obstacles with adverse situations. The main difference is that obstacles don’t always mean they will produce misfortune, calamity or a negative consequence. Please see the blog post from last week to understand how to overcome obstacles.

The Outcome Is Up To You

Adverse situations can be career altering or even change the direction of the person experiencing them. This change can either be for the better or worse…it depends on you and how your deal with it!

“Fear nothing…appreciate everything…and know that what you need, you already have.”

Marc Gilenson, author of “The EntrepreneurialWay”

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