Create More Leads – Reason 6

Create More Leads – Reason 6

There is no one in business today that will tell you it’s easier to get new customers in todays society.  We have seen with technology, social media, and the abundance of business crowding, that getting qualified leads is tougher today than ever before.  Everyone has access to business databases, e-mail lists and social media.  This leads to the degradation in the quality of leads.  All the technology mentioned above works and should be integrated into your lead generation program.  It’s also important to use direct mail, your sales team and good public relations, however, the coveted, qualified lead still comes from a solid referral.

A referral that is generated through a passionate explanation by an employee, customer, or even vendor of the positive values, quality, mission of your company can not be beat.  These referrals are not generated by referral cards or bribing your customers to give names, these referrals are generated through the implementation of a mutual benefit philosophy and entrepreneurial leadership style.

When everyone working for your company…your customers, your vendors and your community, understand that by referring your company, they all benefit, you will generate the most production referrals in your industry.  Of course, you must have a quality product or service, reasonable prices, and be able to convey your value, but in many cases, the person referring your company will understand and be able to convey these to your prospect for you.  No, they won’t give your sales pitch, but they will convey the value of the mutual benefit philosophy your company lives by.  When you are referred by someone that understands your way of doing business, they won’t need a “pay for” referral program, because they will know that by bringing you a customer, they are helping everyone, including themselves.

For example, if your vendor knows that by referring you, the person or company they referred will be satisfied and view the person that referred them as a valuable resource, they will do more business with them, and will refer them as well.  This creates a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

If this seems like it’s an unreal way to generate an abundance of qualified leads, then you have not implemented a mutual benefit philosophy in your company yet.

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