Corporate Metaverse …Artificial Intelligence…Return to the office

Corporate Metaverse …Artificial Intelligence…Return to the office

Corporate Metaverse – a virtual-reality space in which employees, management, vendors and customers can interact within a familiar computer-generated environment that creates a Mutually Beneficial culture

Marc Gilenson


The metaverse is far vaster than Facebook changing its name.  It will be the transforming technology used by business in the next decade to change the interaction between people and technology.  Having our ERP, MRP, IC, systems communicate directly with us through earpods, virtual reality and augmented reality, or a combination of all of them.

The metaverse is being introduced to use through gaming and social media.  A far more subtle yet effective way of transforming society to accepting a major paradigm shift.  The indoctrination is happening though advancements in gaming technology, platforms such as Roblox, bots on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, and the ongoing advancements in the virtual experience. 

Returning to the office will have a totally different meaning when you can put on VR glasses and be in the office with your co-workers.  Almost all of the negatives offered up by leadership today will be non-issues when the metaverse is widely accepted and the technology is implemented (we are very close).  The metaverse will transform the workplace environment and everything we do including (but not limited to) socializing, meetings, watercooler conversations, traveling, learning, communicating, managing, leading, motivating, and more.

The metaverse will create a seamless environment for humans and technology to work together in a manner comfortable for all parties involved (i.e. management, line worker, office worker, remote worker, etc.). The return to the office will really mean, return to the hybrid environment of the corporate metaverse and the physical office.

Artificial Intelligence is already accepted

While the concept of “Artificial Intelligence” scares us and brings up thoughts of robots taking over, in one form or another (machine learning, autonomous code, robotics) is already integrated into our day to day lives.

In addition, there are many terrible jobs that people have just to be able to feed and clothe themselves and their family.  The use of robots, AI, and other technology in these instances are important to a healthy society, and yes, corporations benefit as well in these circumstances; this is an integral part of a mutual benefit culture.

The use of technology to bring healthcare to those in remote locations or to those that are not mobile are a fantastic benefit.  Being able to make a medical diagnosis based upon the latest research vs. what a drug rep tells a medical professional is a major improvement in healthcare.  Self-driving cars that can prevent deaths and help seniors stay independent longer are a benefit to society, not to mention preventing the anxiety many experience from parallel parking! The use of robotics and technology to help those that have physical and mental limitations to gain parity with others cannot be overlooked.  These are great advances and benefits to humanity and society.

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Why are so many companies insisting on returning to the office!

There is no simple answer; it has many moving parts that include:

  • Tax requirements (so many people working on-site) by locales for tax breaks the company receives
  • Fear of transforming the how we work
  • truly understanding the needs of your employees
  • overcoming a lifetime of traditional norms (i.e. management by walking around)
  • re-evaluating the way we view the value of our jobs
  • the utilization of technology that has seen resistance from all levels of the organization
  • how we will collaborate
  • it is the way it has always been done.

I understand that as I write the content for this show, Elon Musk (one of the worlds richest people) is telling his employees at Telsa to either come back to the office or find another job.  In matter of fact, many of the country’s richest businesspeople are saying similar rules, if not exactly as blunt as Musk. 

So how can I say by them looking at this as a simple choice, “come back or find a new job”, that they are acting in a stupid manner.  Let’s look at the definition of stupid.

Definition of Stupid says it all

Definition of stupid. 1a : slow of mind : obtuse. b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner. c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish. 2 : dulled in feeling or sensation.

We know that most of these people are not slow of mind or unintelligent.  They fit the definition because they are lacking reason and are being brutish.  Most of these leaders are dulled to the feeling and needs of others? 

It is important to understand that we have been moving in this direction for decades, SaaS, document imaging, faster and widespread bandwidth, 5G, video conferencing, the gig-worker, digital mail rooms, distribution from companies like Amazon, Fedex, and even the post office, and more.

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What can you do now?

Take advantage of this accelerated opportunity to be a more distributed and efficient organization, your competition is most likely doing it.  It is well documented that over the past two years productivity has not suffered from working at home but has in many cases increased.

The time is now to create a hybrid approach to on-site workers and management.  Leaders in the future will need to manage remote, on-site and metaverse workers.  The lessons learned from implementing a hybrid approach today will create the best practices of the future.

This is a vast topic and will be addressed in many of our future podcasts, blog posts and videos.  Grab your XXX and hold on for a wild and exciting ride!

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