Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessments

Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessments

Our unique “Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment” has been developed over the past 30 years of working with both large corporations and mid-size companies. We have seen organizations undergo a metamorphosis… technologies, products, competition and economies are constantly changing. Whether one speaks of downsizing, rightsizing, or a transformation, no one can deny that profound changes are occurring worldwide.


The organizational strategies, structures, and incentives that have been effective in the past will constrain the value creation, innovation, competitive advantage and survival of organizations in this rapidly changing environment. The integration of multiple generations, changing desires and values of employees, technology advances and the need for interconnectedness, requires new types of organizational thinking… it requires the use of the Systemic…Measurable…Alignable…Relatable…Tailorable (S.M.A.R.T.) system.

There is no need to throw out what you have invested in management and leadership training. It is crucial to identify the points of critical success that can be leveraged, and eliminate points of failure. The only way to do this is by assessing your current state, and then develop and implement a change management plan that will penetrate your whole organization.


This assessment collects over 100 data points from every level of your organization. We utilize proven methods such as: Thought Leadership Pods, Think Tanks, Mind mapping, and the Delphi research methodology.

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Depending on your availability and commitment to the assessment process, it can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks for us to gather all the data, organize the Thought Leadership Pods, Think Tanks, and review current processes. Once the data gathering is complete, it will take between 2-4 weeks to complete the analysis and develop detailed recommendations that your organization will be able to implement.

While we will look deep within your organization in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Vendor Relations, Employee Engagement, Customer Value, and Technology, it will not be intrusive or inhibit productivity in any way. We work with a very small team that is trained to gather qualitative and quantitative data without causing disruption. Our philosophy of communication and transparency throughout the organization eliminates fear and creates a sharing of practical knowledge, wisdom and best practices.

The following are just a few of the metrics that we choose from based on our clients requirements;

1. Measure quantitative and qualitative results

2. Risk acceptance 3. Innovation 4. Ideas to implementation

5. Rapid design to implementation

6. Level of mutural benefit/collaboration/ interconnectedness

7. Time to address issues and how they are communicated

8. Voice of the customer

9. ROI of your leadership methodologies (19 areas reviewed)

10. Job descriptions and the human element

11. Technology adaptation

12. Cost appreciation

13. Conflict resolution process

14. Employee benefits

15. Time off

16. Turnover

17. Management versus hourly variance

18. Special programs

19. Education

20. Office culture

21. Leadership style

22. Human resources role and charter

23. Technology utilization

24. Management style

25. Outsourcing

26. Fingerpointerosis

27. Quality Control

28. Reach of mission


We will develop recommendations that will lay out a path to creating an innovative and transformative culture based on the S.M.A.R.T. system. You will achieve the following:

  • Phased Approach to Cultural Change
  • Corporate Executives into Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Transformation of your organization through optimized processes and decisions…Awaken Your Company
  • Interconnected, Dynamic, Multi-generational teams
  • The ability to turn Collective Knowledge into Innovation and Efficiencies… Practical Wisdom
  • Technology adaptation throughout your organization…Integrate Culture, Process, Innovation
  • Mightiness. Achieve 100% participation from your workforce
  • Reduced costs…increased revenue and happy employees and customers

Since we will get to know and work with your change management teams, business process re-engineering department, and current management, there will not be a need for you to engage our firm to implement the recommendations.

We don’t sell any technology, or have a “bench” of consultants that need to have billable hours, our recommendations have only one goal…to help you and your company Deliver Breakthrough Results.