Control Negative Habits

Control Negative Habits

Yes, the title of this post is correct. Of course we would all like to eliminate negative habits, however there are some that we just need to control.

Lets look at this characteristic in more detail. There are many habits that serve us well as corporate entrepreneurs. In the wrong situation, these habits can be considered negative. Habits such as being brutally honest, always trying to do what is best for the company, controlling the room, wanting to complete every task to perfection, not returning calls in a timely manner, are just a few.

brutally honest

Of course being honest is a good trait and habit, but what about a situation where telling the truth will hurt someones feelings or performance. How many times do you want to tell someone on your team or in another department they they are incompetent. For that matter, how many of us want to tell our bosses that they are incompetent! That type of honesty would not serve anyone well.

putting the company first

Many of our clients will tell us how they want everyone to have the company’s best interest at the forefront of their actions. I have even heard management brag to their team that there are 3 divorces, and six children in daycare from 6am through 6pm because their team puts the company first. How about the leadership team that reduces headcount so the company can show more profit, yet it is hurting productivity. There are times when it is necessary to reduce staff or have team mates sacrifice time with their families, however, it is a habit that must be controlled and tempered with an understanding of how it relates to the people affected by the habit.

controlling a room

Sales people and many managers love to control the conversation in a room. It becomes a bad habit when you don’t allow for input or others to share in the spotlight. You may get the answers you want, but you probably won’t get the answers you need! Controlling a room is very important, yet it must be controlled and used in the proper situation.

striving for perfection

Striving for perfection is a habit many pride themselves on. You will hear people say that if you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all. Corporate entrepreneurs understand that we will always strive to do our best, but even if not perfect we will try to do it. This habit will not only increase your stress, it may also cause stagnation for fear of not doing something perfectly. If you are building airplane engines, you always need to be perfect, however, that same company when implementing a wellness program may have to control the habit of perfection.

returning every call, text, email

Corporate entrepreneurs understand the value of communication and collaboration, so returning calls, email, and texts are important. If you get in the habit of always returning every communication, then you will surely lose your mind. This habit is one that if it goes unchecked will cost you your family, health and sanity. You can control this habit with good time management techniques such as identifying what is urgent, important and to whom.

become aware and control our habits

Lets remember, no one is perfect and we all have habits we want to eliminate, but don’t be too hasty to eliminate all habits that we consider bad…Lets try to control those that help us in life and business. All habits have a positive and negative effect. I is critical to control our habits so that we can have real success!

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