Attract Talented People – Reason 5

Attract Talented People – Reason 5

Did you ever wonder if there’s a reason why we use the word “talent” to represent natural aptitude and skills?  We all know that talented people create wealth.  Maybe this is why we use this word, that in ancient times, was used by the Romans and Greeks as a unit of currency.

Companies spend thousands of dollars searching for those “talented” people that can help their business make more money.  They have recruiters that will search their competition, look inside their company, and even try to identify those people without experience, but have the right skills.  Companies will pay higher salaries, give stock options and even subsidize housing and education.

How many of these companies look for people that are willing to help others in the company benefit?  What I’m saying is that when looking for talented people, one of the main talents you should be looking for is the ability to understand that they can only succeed by helping others get what they want.  You must look for the ones that speak more about the support they received from others, and how that support lead to their success.  Then you must ask how the potential employee has helped others succeed through their efforts.

Once your organization becomes known for your mutual benefit philosophy, the talent you’re looking for will come to you!

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