Are the parts of your organization working together?

Alignable – To adjust the parts of an organization in order to create a Mutual Benefit culture that will produce exceptional innovation, efficiency, employee retention, and profit.

Marc Gilenson

Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership is the key

Corporate Entrepreneurial leadership is important to ensuring that your policies, compensation plans, bonus structure, ethics, management styles, etc. are Alignable because it recognizes the importance of individuals in the corporate infrastructure, and how they are “aligned” with the needs of their departments, other departments, and the whole organization. It has an emphasis on doing and actions rather than traits, personalities, connections, gender, political leanings, income, athletic capabilities, or ability to kiss up to senior management.

Entrepreneurial Orientation is not Entrepreneurial Leadership

Many companies say they have a corporate entrepreneurial orientation, especially in their mission statements or hiring promotions.  While corporate orientation is a great, it is primarily concerned with the strategic posture of the firm. In order to achieve the benefits of a Mutual Benefit “Alignable” culture, you must develop Corporate Entrepreneurial leaders; individual leaders at every level that understand the importance of people not orientation! 

This is why in my recent posts; I have discussed Team Building and the importance of Autonomy.  No matter what your company orientation is, it is important to remember that even if you have corporate entrepreneurial leaders in your organization, if senior management does not support these individuals, creativity, innovation, efficiency, and profits are lost.  You will even find that you will lose the best employees and be left with complacent leadership!  Listen to our podcasts on the 8 hidden killers of change and innovation

Alignable Mindset

Companies that understand the value of a Corporate Entrepreneurial Orientation know that having an Alignable mindset means their employees are not made up of individuals who merely interact, but by individuals acting in a Mutually Beneficially manner.

What we are seeing with the “Great Resignation” and the innovation in clean energy (like it or not) many companies are realizing that the singular goal of private returns is not Alignable with the social (family, community, environment, health, etc.) goals of their employees.

Companies can have the best of both worlds

There is the increasing evidence that a company can have private returns and economic development while benefiting their employees, our society and our planet.  This is driving the movement towards Alignable thinking and the development of Corporate Entrepreneurial Leaders

It begins with Democratizing Ideas

A ‘creative transformation’ is taking place that begins with Democratizing Ideas (listen to our Podcast on Democratizing Ideas).   A profound shift is taking place in the way business transformation is happening. Executives are beginning to understand the value of implementing a Mutual Benefit Culture. Corporate Entrepreneurial Leaders are beginning to engage with employees from every level. These leaders know that buy-in from employees at every level is critical to effectively transforming an organization. Executing and delivering on the company’s strategy requires interconnectedness (listen to our Podcast) through team alignment and support.

What’s Old is New Again…with a twist!

As far back as the early 1900’s Schumpeter’s analysis shows us that the creative initiative that drives truly economic development comes from the actions of corporate entrepreneurs.  Corporate Entrepreneurship inherently produces and thrives in a Mutually Beneficial Culture; therefore, due to its very nature the current business structure will naturally transform to a more mutually beneficial culture. 

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