About Us

About Us

Our Approach

We offer corporations a unique option to the traditional consulting and coaching firms.  We help companies create a culture of Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership, based on the  Systemic…Measurable…Alignable…Relatable…Tailorable (S.M.A.R.T.) platform, wrapped in a Mutual Benefit philosophy.

Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership


We bring entrepreneurial thinking, actions, and process to companies that are looking for a unique way to increase revenue, profit from value, improve processes, reduce turnover, expand market share, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness from technology investment. Our approach is to integrate best practices from hundreds of successful businesses and leadership theories with your people, technology and process improvement methodology to create a Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture that is based on the S.M.A.R.T. platform that will translate into amazing results.

No Bench Means We Only Give You What You Need


We don’t maintain a bench of consultants, so there is no need to create additional projects just to create billable hours for consultants.  We source the best resources for your projects.

It All Begins Here

The heart of our firm is the Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment. This assessment will reach every aspect of your company and identify whether your corporate mission, culture, and leadership style is permeating and working throughout your company.  This assessment and the recommendation document we provide, will help you achieve more than 18 different areas of benefit such as: increased profits, reduced costs, less employee turnover, competitive advantage, and much more.

Thought Leadership POD’s Capture Corporate Wisdom

If your organization has an immediate need and the Entrepreneurial Assessment is too comprehensive, we have developed the  “Thought Leadership Pod” that will tap into your company’s collective knowledge and our best practice knowledge base to develop solutions that are cost effective, productive and have employee buy-in.

Experiential Learning and Coaching

Many of our clients wanted us to train their salespeople, operations staff or management teams to be more entrepreneurial. As corporate citizens for many years, we have experienced numerous fire-walks, game playing events and laborious training sessions… this is why we developed “Experiential Learning” techniques based on working with thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of America’s largest corporations.

We utilize a modified “Corporate Entrepreneurial Assessment” to identify what is working and what is broken. Then we incorporate the “Thought Leadership Pod” methodology, integrated with our Coaching services to engage all the employees in the process. The results are unbelievable, because in most cases, your employees have the solutions!

We Will Help

There are times when your company may not have the resources or technology required to achieve a desired result. In these situations, we will help you find the perfect company, firm or consultant to meet your needs.

We can help you create, distribute and manage the RFP process utilizing our vast network of resources and by incorporating our S.M.A.R.T. platform and Mutual Benefit philosophy to make sure your company is getting exactly what they need with the ROI you are expecting.

Our Founders

Our firm’s founders have more than 30 years combined experience working with some of the largest corporations. In 1995, they wanted to bring the best practices they learned in these large companies to the small and mid-sized business community.

They quickly found out that the small and mid-sized entrepreneurs had best practices that the largest corporations were looking for… the ability to develop innovative ideas and opportunities; flexibility that allows for higher profits; know-how to motivate employees with more than just financial incentives, and how to enhance their competitive position.

Feel free to browse our site, review the case studies, read our blog and watch our videos, however, the best way to understand the power of what we offer is to attend one of our workshops or to call us and schedule a meeting to understand how we can help.