A Baseline Level Of Discipline (structure) Is Required

A Baseline Level Of Discipline (structure) Is Required

Discipline comes from discipulus, the Latin word for pupil. There are several meanings of discipline that deal with study, governing one’s behavior, and instruction.

No matter how many you lead

Corporate entrepreneurial leaders know that it makes no difference if you are leading a company, department, or team…you must have a base level of discipline to be effective! This concept can be applied to meetings, as well as video/conference calls. It is relevant to all departments from the executive suite to the temporary worker.

What It Is Not

There are some definitions that incorporate the word punishment. We don’t! If you are leading a team that does not have a base level of discipline, you will have a disorganized team, unproductive people , inefficient processes and less creative outcomes and decision making.

This may seem contrary to what you have been taught. You may mistake the need for a base level of discipline with the need to have everyone agree with you or do what you tell them to do.

Baseline Level…makes all the difference!

Baseline level…these two words make all the difference. The baseline level:

  • is a particular amount of knowledge that is required
  • is a level of competency with the systems they interface with
  • is the acceptance of the critical rules and guidelines needed
  • is the understanding of the conflict resolution process
  • is knowing what is off-limits
  • is the sharing of corporate wisdom
  • is situational etiquette
  • is dress and appearance
  • is anyone that you and your team deem pertinent

Every company, organization, group and family have either a spoken or unspoken baseline discipline. Corporate entrepreneurs understand that whether written or verbal, it is important to establish a baseline level of discipline.

“Structured chaos in the business environment is allowing for unlimited creative thinking on top of an established level of discipline that allows for small changes to create enormous impact.”

Marc Gilenson, author “The Entrepreneurialway”

Creativity and Efficiency Flourish

Once the baseline is established, the real creativity and efficiencies flourish. No one has to wonder if they are dressed correctly, or if their hair is too long. Everyone knows that the other participants have the knowledge required to have valuable input. There is an understanding of how to access relevant corporate wisdom . With the baseline established, people are free to think, create and produce efficiencies. This is how corporate entrepreneurs use structured chaos to harness and provide substantial transformation to their business and the world.

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