2021…Some Predictions

2021…Some Predictions

by Marc Gilenson
Predictions are based on current knowledge, experiential wisdom and a lot of guessing. So why put an article on predictions in our newsletter and why create a podcast with the same predictions?
The answer is that by thinking about what the future may hold, it forces us to look at the past and the present. As part of this process, we will inevitably find better ways to do what we are doing and possibly avoid some pitfalls.

Corporate Entrepreneurial Realism
Most of the executives at larger corporations we speak to have already made up their mind that they will:

  • Look to preserve cash, raise cash and cut costs. They realize that it is not 2021 they are concerned about, it is 2022.
  • Have more layoffs, less capital equipment purchased, and more expansion in the Asian marketplace.
  • Continue to do more with less people.
  • Reduce their real estate footprint and move towards more virtual employees.
  • See their revenue and profit drop, however, their stock will appreciate.

Work From Home

Companies are analyzing the real affect of working from home. They will realize that it is the managers and people that live to work, not work to live that want to go back into the office. When they understand that the majority of people are accomplishing their work and many times even better, they will move towards a more virtual workplace.
Some employees will enjoy going back to the office, however, they will dread the commute, and miss the savings from buying lunch, gas, and clothes.
Not just the suburbs, but small towns will begin to see a growth in families, and a new culture will begin.

The Workforce

Managers will long for the status quo that got them to where they are now. They will drive the work from the office movement which will not return to normal. They will have nightmares that their worst fears will come true…their value versus their incomes will be evaluated!

Long, Narrow & Winding Path

2021 will be a year where many people will slowly fall off the path. They will try to return to normal and keep the status quo, yet this is not what is in the cards for 2021.
Many companies will not see the twists and turns that are in front of them; still others will fall victim to the narrow path to success 2021 offers

There Will Be Success

Companies and employees that understand they are connected to the whole organization benefit when the people around them benefit. In other words, companies that invest in creating a Mutual Benefit culture that sits on the S.M.A.R.T. Platform will find success in 2021 and beyond.

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